Saturday, March 01, 2014

Execute by sicchio - a dance score

Execute by sicchio

This is a dance score for the upcoming Quick Shifts on March 16th.

-Find a place to perform this score
-Perform the movement instructions after the word 'execute' is said.
-As the score continues you may start to ignore some movement instructions.
-Have someone take a picture at 2.5min in; 5 min in; 7.5 min in; and at the end
-Tweet the pics with the hashtags: - #improvqu25; #improvqu5; #improvqu75; #improvquend by March 10th
- The images will be collated in their timeframe groupings and projected onto a large
screen to create a new score performed at Embrace Arts, Leicester, March 16th 2014
-By the end of the score you should not be following any of the instructions until you hear 'end'.

For those unfamiliar with twitter the hashtags are important in order for us to find each image once tweeted, so tweet your image with the appropriate hashtag accurately together.


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