Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OLYMPIC - Back to Basics

OLYMPIC - wordsearch landscape, London Olympic Development Site - Paul Conneally 2006

I will be moving away from photography, though not completely, in terms of documenting and representing in 2014.

I will return to new ways, some very old, of conveying place, space, time, people and the feelings set up through encounters with them.

A new set of Wordsearch Portraits and Landscapes will emerge along with frottage, print, found object and ephemera pieces.

New interventions are planned and further iterations of Shopputting, INVIGILATOR and LIAR (Look I Am Reading).

This said I'm sure that photographs will be appearing, if not in my planned commissioned pieces, certainly here!

Paul Conneally

Grow Sheffield - Wordsearch Portrait of Jerry Simon - Postcard - Paul Conneally 2010

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