Monday, May 21, 2012

Choreographed by Birds - Barefoot Blindfold

Choreographed by Birds

The blind man's guide,

Meek and neglected thing, of no renown!
Soon will peep forth the primrose, ere it fades
Friends shall I have at dawn, blackbird and thrush
To rouse me, and a hundred warblers more!

from 'The Recluse' by William Wordsworth

Barefoot Blindfold took place on Friday the 18th May at 5am. Anne-Marie Culhane and I were joined by nine others.

From Anne-Marie 'slow walking' us into the recently planted orchard at the top of her new Fruit Route at Loughborough University to being blindfold barefoot to breakfast and discussion in the Landscaping Our Society garden shed the piece has produced much for us to reflect on beyond the experience.

It was good also to hear from artist Marion Michell that she too joined in from afar - if you want to do it yourself please do and share back with us your experiences. Here is a link to Marion's blog where you can find her thoughts on this and lots of other thoughts too!

We will share back more fully elements of Barefoot Blindfold shortly but in the meantime here is me Barefoot Blindfold being chorographed by birdsong.

The video was shot by dancer Miriam Keye of Strandlooper.

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