Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who Are The Splacists? Architects and Artists

Architects talk about their time at the Splacist Training Camp at MADE in Birmingham Novemeber 2011.

Splacism is a contemporary mode of practice proposed by Paul Conneally.Hannah Nicklin and Nikki Pugh.define a new set of ideologies taking forward Conneally''s vision of what splacism might and could be with the Splacist Manifesto.

Alison Hesketh from Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios talks about breaking the ice and her reaction to being asked to behave differently in public spaces:


Architects & Artists – Alison Hesketh from MADE on Vimeo.

Maddy Dring from Glancy Nicholls talks about how artists bring a freedom of thinking that can be useful for generating new ideas:

Architects & Artists – Maddy Dring from MADE on Vimeo.
Phil Howl of Howl Associates touches on changing clients perspectives of the value of bringing an artist onto a design team.

Architects & Artists – Phil Howl from MADE on Vimeo.

Dorthe Riis-Jones shares her experience of practising in Denmark where working alongside

Architects & Artists – Dorthe Riis-Jones from MADE on Vimeo.

Julia Kashdan-Brown talks about the importance of working with artists as a part of everyday working practice:

Architects & Artists – Julia Kashdan-Brown from MADE on Vimeo.

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