Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank The Astronauts - marlene mountain & paul conneally

'thank the astronauts'
george w. bush, january 14 2004

think golf think non-stick pans think guided missiles
mother's 'wild blue yonder' red white & blue
a flag that doesn't flutter in the name of god and country
in secret a man's ashes to the moon keeps me pist
so pleased to find there's maybe-life on mars and minerals too
new activity on cape canaveral the short straws
let's make poverty history a branson planned trip into near space
while everyone's in rome a condom drop over africa
an experiment to find which way sperm swim in zero gravity
just shy of the outer limits a japanese haiku contest
a close encounter of the worse kind by the cheese counter
one hole in the ozone led to streets lined with gold
after all we know still showing the kids the man in the moon
star wars still in the works still unworkable

from: 'the dubya connection'
paul conneally & marlene mountain 2005

'For a Better World Play Golf on the Moon' installation Mile End Arts Pavillion 2007
paul conneally & tim wright

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