Saturday, March 08, 2008

Most successful on-line art shopping service in the world

Tesco.Com is the most successful on–line art shopping service in the world. Sales continued to grow strongly in the year - up by 31.9%, to reach almost £1 billion. Profit increased by 54.9% to £56.2 million.

What is remarkable about our on–line business is the diversity of customers using it, from busy urban families to people in rural communities.

It has also allowed many house–bound people to shop for art properly for the first time.In south east London where we have fewer stores and some that are exceptionally busy, we have developed a–only store.

It is situated at 25-26 Mason’s Yard (Off Duke Street) St. James’s London SW1Y 6BU. This enables us to offer this service to more customers and builds on our existing capability as the warehouse is designed like a Tesco superstore inside.

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