Saturday, February 10, 2007

for a better world play golf on the moon

paul conneally holes out at Play Golf On The Moon hole two
inside Mile End Art Pavillion, London uk
the installation called 'for a better world play golf on the moon'
is a collaborative piece linking conneally's work
from the renewabilty haiku hike
with tim wright's ongoing piece

'playing golf on the moon (with david bowie)'

Commander Tim Wright, Paul Conneally, and Gordon Joly
teed off from Arnold Circle and finished here inside the Art Pavillion.

here's a picture of Commander Tim Wright teeing off

conneally believes that most golf courses are environmentally unsound and urges you

'for a better world play golf on the moon'


Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea. maybe you want to expand it, argh, playing:
on the milkyway?
sadr city? (I would like to watch the spectators)
oval office (I would hate to watch the spectators)
right behind my kitchen door (I'll have do do the dishes today)
Thank you

Alan Summers said...



Do you want ISS Expedition 14 flight commander Mikhail Tyurin to whack the golf ball as part of a six-hour spacewalk?

I could ask him nicely.

Great balls of haiku Paul, this is great, what about a inter-city tour or like Burt Lancaster but sand bunkers not swimming pools?