Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hawkesley Square Renga

Just got back from Carnac and the standing stones.


Found Nikki Pugh's photographs of the Hawkesley Square Renga - part of the 100 verses for Three Estates projects that i'm working as master poet on for Gavin Wade and Alec Finlay


MMM said...

I'm not sure what "Carnac & The Standing Stones" are...sounds like a rock band! ;-) But welcome back anyway! I looooove the idea of putting a slide show on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration today.

Little Onion said...

Carnac & The Standing Stones - great band but not real movers - see them here:


MMM said...

Ah yes...the band seem very solid- but really stuck in the past. ;-)

(Seriously, looks like an awesome place!)